Rapid Customer Onboarding


Using 2 repositories we provide: https://github.com/w3-key/intu_node_signer (for backend)
https://github.com/w3-key/intu_frontend (for frontend)
You can quickly and easily build MPC technology into your dapp.

And, using these 2 repositories, you can now onboard a user without that user ever needing a Wallet, Gas, or even any knowledge that they are using Web3.

If you have any issues, please email us at dev@intu.xyz

  1. To get started, clone the intu_node_signer project into 2 different folders (2 separate signers).
    Rename the .env.example file to .env, and input a private key that will control that signing node.
    Please make note of the associated public key for each node, as they will need to be added to the frontend.
    npm i && npm start and it should be up and running!

  2. Then, clone the intu_frontend project, rename the .env.example file to .env, and replace the public addresses with the public addresses of your node signers. And add in a clerk public key, which you can get from here: https://clerk.com/

Run npm i && npm start and it should be up and running!

What does it do?

The process for the user is as follows.

They just need to click on 'sign in' and sign in with an option of their choice.
Upon signing in, we create a deterministic private key for that user based on the resultant ID from their login.
We then fund that private key with sFuel and immediately begin intu account creation.
The node_signers pick up the event, and begin participating in the MPC process.
Due to the cryptography and blockchain, the process takes about 45 seconds currently.
We propose allowing the user to fill out profile details during that time (email,name,handle,etc)
When it is complete, the user will be presented with an option to 'claim an NFT' which we are providing as an example for the user's first interaction with Web3.
Again, the user needed no wallet, gas, or web3 knowledge to now claim their first NFT and did so in under a minute.

Any issues, please email us at : dev@intu.xyz