• You can either use this single automateRegistration function or you can use the registerStep1,2,3 functions
  • automateRegistration uses a decentralized database build on libp2p - automatically, where the register steps rely on blockchain writes between steps for each user

This endpoint needs to be hit by each user involved with a vault during the vaults registration phase. If all users are online when this function is hit by each user, the registration process will complete in ~10 seconds.

This step requires that all the other participants have performed the preRegistration step.


import { registerStep1, getVaults } from "@intuweb3/web";
let myVaults = getVaults("0x12345", signer);
//whichever vault address you need to interact with in myvaults
//example, myVaults[0].vaultAddress;
await automateRegistration(vaultAddress, signerAddress, signer);
//bonus: You can use it as follows to automatically register once all steps are complete
let ar = await automateRegistration(vaultAddress, signerAddress1, signer1)
  .then(async (result) => {
    await registerAllSteps(vaultAddress, signer1);
    return true;
  .catch((error) => {
vaultAddressnumberAddress of the vault
signerAddressstringAddress of the person registering
signerObjectSigner object acquired from ethers or equivalent