• You can either use this register step1,2,3 process or the automateRegistration/registerAllSteps method.
  • automateRegistration uses a decentralized database build on libp2p - automatically, where the register steps rely on blockchain writes between steps for each user

This endpoint needs to be hit by each user involved with a vault during the vaults registration phase. All users must perform this step before registerStep2 can be performed.

This step requires that all the other participants have performed the preRegistration step.


import { registerStep1, getVaults } from "@intuweb3/web";
let myVaults = getVaults("0x12345", signer);
//whichever vault address you need to interact with in myvaults
//example, myVaults[0].vaultAddress;
await registerStep1(vaultAddress, signer);
vaultAddressnumberAddress of the vault
signerObjectSigner object acquired from ethers or equivalent