Returns registration status of a resharing - for the user and for the group as

a whole

This would be called after a new user has been called to the group to either be added or removed from the group.

import { getReSharingStatus } from "@intuweb3/web";
await getRegistrationStatus("0xvault", "0xuser", provider);


vaultAddressstringaddress of the vault you want to interact with
userAddressstringaddress of the user to get info for
providerobjectethers provider


An array of results, the resharing registration status of the user and the registration status of the vault. Example: If the user is in Step1, but the group is still in PreRegistration, then the user has to wait for everyone to finish their PreRegistration

stepToDostringThe step the current user is on in the registration process
groupStepstringThe step the group as a whole is in in the registration process