Parse a transaction hash formed with the formTransaction function

Returns all the data within the formed transaction hash
This function needs the person to gather some data from the smart contract to pass to it.

import { parseTransaction, getVaults } from "@intuweb3/web";
let myVaults = getVaults("0x12345", signer);
let transaction = myVaults[i].txData[txId].originaltransaction;
await parseTransaction(transaction);


InputType of InputDescription
txDataStringthe original, unsigned transaction
OutputType of OutputDescription
chainIdstringchainId of transaction
noncestringnonce of transaction
gasTipCapstringgasTipCap of transaction
gasFeeCapstringgasFeeCap of transaction
gasstringgas for transaction
tostringaddress to send to
valuestringamount of value to send
datastringAdditional data associated with the tx