What is INTU ?

Everything you need to bring Web3 development to the next level with INTU

INTU revolutionizes the decentralized landscape by bridging traditional cryptographic practices with the future. Through the lens of external-user addressing, signature creation, and transaction verification, INTU ensures that transactions, even those stemming from dEOAs, are seamlessly processed and verified akin to conventional individual accounts.

INTU's ambition is clear: to empower developers with tools to forge a more human-centric digital experience without upending the foundational elements of Web3. By harnessing dEOAs, the core of Web3 - curves, accounts, smart contracts, and dapps - remains intact, fostering compatibility and user-friendliness.

INTU stands as a pivotal gateway to cryptographic networks, poised to either stand solo or seamlessly embed within an array of products, services, or environments. We're driven by a straightforward ethos: to converge where users naturally gravitate and to unveil unmatched utility.

Delve into our technological milestones:

  • INTU Protocol: An agile solidity-backed system, designed to streamline account participant interactions, curate a transparent public state, and validate cryptographic operations with precision.

    Dive deeper into our documentation to unearth insights about the INTU Protocol, its inception, and the array of components intricately woven within.

  • INTU SDK: A specialized local client crafted to decipher the realm of cryptography. This tool is the linchpin for initializing and managing Intu accounts, be it through a browser, server or any device nor application.

Navigate our documentation to access a plethora of tutorials and insights about our SDK, and unlock the potential of integrating INTU into your ecosystem.

Reference: This section is a treasure trove of technicalities, shedding light on the vast toolkit at INTU's disposal. Here for the our cryptographic section in our whitepaper.