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Here at INTU, we're convinced that Web3 requires better infrastructure to enable better user experiences, without compromising on core Web3 values like decentralization, self-custody, and transparency. We're a small team of dedicated engineers and cryptographers, and are introducing a practical new protocol for generating better Web3 accounts with all the necessary tooling for developers of all walks of life.
The Intu Account Protocol provides Web3-native Externally-Owned Accounts (EOAs) with advanced functionality and usefulness, including account recovery, distributed ownership/risk, and secure account generation. We're referring to this new generation of account as Distributed Externally-Owned Accounts, or dEOAs.
The protocol makes use of existing cryptographic infrastructure already in use by decentralized networks, such as external-user addressing, signature formation, transaction verification, etc. For example, a transaction submitted from a dEOA would be broadcast and verified in the same way a normal individual account would.
Why is this important? Developers can provide their end-users a better, more human experience without requiring substantial changes in how Web3 works today. With dEOAs, the networks use the same curves, accounts, smart contracts, and dapps, resulting in broad compatibility and usability.
As a primitive, the protocol itself can serve as a stand-alone gateway to cryptographic networks, or be integrated into other products, services, or environments. The goal is to be where users are, while providing maximum utility.
Development to date has been focused on building the account protocol itself, specifically:
  • A system of solidity smart contracts which facilitates coordination between account participants, stores public state, and validates cryptographic functionality
  • A local client which performs the necessary cryptography and processes to generate and utilize Intu accounts, available for both browser and application through our SDK

Key Features:

  • Distributed Ownership: Share ownership of a public address amongst several participants using Secure Multiparty Computation
  • Secure Account Creation: Fully decentralized key generation provides verifiably secure accounts with minimal hardware risk
  • Account Recovery: Add, remove, or refresh participants and their shares to maintain ongoing security of the account

Key Functionality:

  • Safely create advanced, non-custodial accounts for end-users Form transactions between several parties from a shared account
  • Provide end-users several methods of account recovery Interact with any smart contract, hold any asset, and support multichain needs

Key Benefits:

  • Self-Sovereign Recovery: Empower end-users to recover their own accounts without third parties or services
  • Custom functionality: With the Intu Accounts as the foundation, build custom applications to support robust workflows and functionalities, such as - DAO Frameworks, Trading Platforms, or advanced account services
  • Define and Develop Custody: Improve customer experiences for your business by enabling custodial, non-custodial, and shared custodial frameworks
  • Broad compatibility: Intu Accounts are Externally-owned Accounts, and can be used identically to individually-help Web3 accounts. They are not smart contract addresses
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